Presidential Debate Part II; What Trump and Clinton Need to Do!

I’m willing to bet most of you are just about sick of presidential politics, and to be honest, I can’t say I blame you. For a political junkie like me there is no shortage of material to pontificate about. With round II of  Clinton V Trump coming Sunday, I thought I’d give my two cents on what  both candidates need to do in  order to come out on top!


Let’s be honest, even if you’re a die hard Trump supporter, there’s no question, the first debate wasn’t exactly The Donald’s finest hour. Trump was defensive and felt the need to defend himself no matter what the former first lady through at him. Rather than focusing on his plans for fighting ISIS, jump starting the economy, and solving the issues left from Obamacare, Trump looked small and petty trying to save his own reputation rather than be a champion for the nation. If Trump wants a big win he must focus on how he will take the fight to ISIS and other groups, while attempting to show that if Clinton is elected the polices of non intervention will continue for another four years. Trump must be a bit more of a happy warrior and provide an optimistic vision for the future, rather than simply suggesting the country is going to hell in a hand basket.  I’ve talked to many informed folks who wonder when was America not great! I’m not saying Trump shouldn’t discuss the failures of the Obama Administration, however, the country needs a cheerleader right now! Finally, Trump must hit Clinton on her honesty, both in regards to the email scandal and her role in the decisions regarding Benghazi . In My view, the only way Trump can win the debate,  but the presidency as well,is to hammer home the point that Clinton is not ethically qualified to be Commander in-Chief.


For Ms. Clinton it’s very simple, try to get under Trump’s as she did in debate number one, and let him hang himself. She might also want to answer a question or two just to change things up a bit. If HRC can rattle Trump into the child-like tantrums that happened two week ago, she might as well start figuring out what desk she will use in The Oval.

Keep in mind, with these two at the podiums,  anything could happen. Trump might trot out his wife on stage in her underwear and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Clinton could stumble on stage and collapse in a heap, or, and here is a wacky idea, they just might choose to behave like two adults for once. While Sunday night surely will be unpredictable, one thing is certain, it will be entertaining.


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