For GOP, it’s Time To Move On

After a week that could be best described as one of the worst of the campaign, it is time Republicans for to move on. In one week, thanks in large part to the disgusting Trump tapes, the race for president is effectively over.  It is now time for party unity in order to keep the House and Senate from falling in Democratic hands.

At this point, Republicans must learn valuable lessons from this election cycle. First, It would be wise for those who will run in 2020 to put ego aside and come together quickly in support of one or two candidates. If you look at any of the primary election results, Trump never received more than 48% of the vote, until he was the only person left standing. Unfortunately for the GOP, many of Trump’s opponents were more interested in their own ambitions rather than putting forth a nominee capable of leading the nation.

The party of Lincoln must also provide an optimistic vision of what America’s future can be under its leadership. Mr. Trump has chosen to focus on Americas problems, yet has provided little in terms of solutions, except to say he will fix it on his own. The party must also understand that they cannot simply be the party of no, but must find ways to compromise where agreement can be found. Many in the leadership cite Ronald Regan as an idle,they would be wise to heed his words, “I’d rather get 85% of what I want then nothing at all.”


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