President Trump; How The Hell Did That Happen

Every Democrat, and many Republicans, myself included, had the same question on  our minds early Monday morning. How the hell did that happen? Upon reflection, however,  there are many reasons why Donald Trump will be the 45th President of The United States. For those of you who are still bewildered nearly 48 hours later, hopefully some clarity can be provided.

Nearly two years ago, Donald Trump road down the escalator at Trump Tower beginning his journey to the highest office in the land. Throughout his campaign, Trump appealed largely to an audience of less educated voters who have seen their insurance costs continue to rise, while their incomes have remained flat. Trump also understood that manufacturing jobs are being outsourced, and therefore, many are losing the opportunities for gainful employment.

The rise of ISIS, and the numerous domestic terror attacks over the past two years, also fulled the  Trump campaign. The President-Elect understood that the public has been tired of foreign  policy that was largely about containment rather than wiping out terror. Trump, like George W. Bush before him, was willing to say that we are at war with radical Islam. Trump seized on the fact that Clinton was not going to be a terror warrior and thus promised that he would ensure the safety of the nation.

One of Trump’s main themes was the idea of American exceptionalism. While I will not question President Obama’s patriotism, there is no doubt that the  current administration sees the U.S. as a part of a world community and not a superpower. Trump capitalized on this departure from traditional views, promising to restore America to our long held position as the leader of the free world.

Finally, The President-Elect should give a huge thank you to Ms. Clinton. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton lied to families of those killed in terror attacks in Libya in order to not take the blame for protecting her own employees. Couple that with multiple investigations regarding pay for play allegations involving the Clinton Foundation and the email situation, and you certainly have a recipe for a loss. Ms. Clinton’s comments calling Trump supporters a, ‘Basket of deplorables”, surely did not help her cause. No doubt these comments fired up the Trump base, and certainly could have turned off undecided, independent voters.

There is no denying  that the man who will take the oath of office January 20th has engaged in divisive rhetoric. During the campaign Trump made very nasty comments about individuals and groups that are not presidential and lack civility. However, like it or not, the silent majority has spoken and Donald Trump will soon have a secret service code name!




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