Toughen Up Buttercup

It has been exactly two weeks since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of The United Sates, and the youth of America seem to be losing their collective minds. Now, I certainly have my differences with Mr. Trump, and much of his rhetoric has alarmed me. However, he was duly elected and, we must have respect for that. Sadly, we can’t just blame young people for having less than open minds, we have allowed them to live in their own personal bubbles, through the advent of political correctness.

American society has allowed a generation of thumb suckers to flourish through the advent of “safe zones.” These zones do protect you not from harm, but  rather from words and ideas that make you uncomfortable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but  isn’t one of the points of the first amendment to allow citizens to engage in a free exchange of ideas? If so, explain to me, how safe zones can possibly exist? Megyn Kelly, host of Fox News’ “The Kelly File”, has a quote in her new book that perfectly illustrates this point,.”The answer to speech you don’t like is not less speech it’s more speech.”

What is perhaps even more troubling is that those who are supposed to be educating future generations are allowing the softness of the post 9-11 generation to continue. Perhaps the most startling example of this comes from the places you should not expect, Ivy League universities. Professors from Harvard, Yale, and Colombia allowed students to skip exams in the days after the election if they were emotionally distraught over the results.Again, reasonable, or for that matter, unreasonable people are more than welcome to disagree. However, to not be able to function because something happened you didn’t like is ridiculous!  The purpose of  furthering one’s education is to be able to think critically  and be exposed to ideas different from their own. Yet, we seem to be more interested in affirmation and conformation rather than confrontation. How  in the hell can you thrive in the real world if you are only exposed to those that agree with you? Let me be very clear, in the work place this will not happen. I have worked and dealt with many people with whom I disagree politically and morallly. Yet, I have learned to get along with them despite  differences

For 240 years, the hallmark of the United States has been the peaceful transition of power. While, it is prefectly eceptable to protest, it must be done in a peaceful, constructive manner. You don’t have to like the results of the election, but folks, you do have to expect it. For those of you who cannot bring yourselfves to do so, toughen up buttercup!



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