College Athletes Deserve To Cash In

For the past decade or so, there has been a debate rather college athletes should be paid in addition to their scholarships. We do not believe athletes should be paid by the schools they attend. Allowing athletes to be paid to attend certain  schools ruin the amateurism concept and would create a completely unfair playing field, as schools with more resources would simply open their wallets and ensure they always get top recruits. Granted, the top schools in major college sports often get the most highly rated athletes based on reputation, facilities, and other benefits.

While, institutions themselves should not be paying their athletes, the athletes themselves have every right to capitalize on their talents. In our opinion, athletes who receive endorsement deals or other off the field payments would not be receiving extra benefits, in violation of NCAA rules. Any other student,who may be on academic scholarship, can be paid to endorse products and or work for a business based on their merits. Why are athletes treated differently? The NCAA often mentions their desire  ensure that student-athletes are treated on par with their peers. Yet, restrictions are placed upon the athletes that other students do not have to contend with. Also, keep in mind, most athletes, even at the Division I level, will not play professionally. Why should a student not be able to cash on their celebrity while possible?  Quite frankly, it is the American way to use our talents to benefits ourselves, collegiate athletics should not be different!


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