The NBA Finals Can Start Now

There are still four plus months left in the NBA regular season.However, the NBA finals might as well begin tomorrow. If you watched yesterday’s game between the Cavs and Warriors, it is hard to imagine any other teams advancing to the finals next June. It is also hard to imagine the inevitable series not going 7 games. The basketball purest may ask, How can you discount the regular season when 2/3 of the season has yet to be played? Well, both teams are leading their respective conferences at the moment, both have lost a combined 11 games, and both have plenty of depth in case of injury.

Taking a look at the conference standings you’ll find that at this point, the playoffs should be a repeat of last year. There’s no question that Toronto can win a game or two against Cleveland but in the end, Lebron and Co. have taken care of business. As for the Warriors, while the Spurs can mount a challenge, but San Antonio still has to deal with father time, as they are not the yongest   team in the league. Also, unlike the Warriors, Greg Popovich’s club doesn’t have the depth should a key player go down.

While an argument can be made that a 3rd straight Warrior-Cavs final is not good for the league, no one can deny that we are headed for yet another classic series in June. It seems all that’s left to do is see who will get the number one pick in next year’s draft.



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