Bama, Clemson Part II

Tomorrow, for the first time in decades, we have a rematch for the College Football National Title. Normally, there is no way on the planet that we would bet against Nick Saban, but this year is different. The Tide defense has played tremendously all season long, taking apart every offense they have faced, including Washington last week. Alabama just swarms you and can put you behind the chains, and then lets the offense run the ball down your throat, until you submit. However, Clemson hung a goose egg on Ohio State, and quarterback JT Barrett, who is the all-time leader in touchdowns for the Buckeyes.  If the Tigers can force Jaylen Hurts to throw the football, Clemson will be well on their way to their first national title in two decades.

In today’s brand of football, it’s usually all about offense. Tomorrow night, the defensive side of the ball will be in the spotlight.  Know doubt this one will be hard to predict, but it is safe to say, it won’t be a 51-50 shootout. The 2016 national championship will come down to which team can make the critical stop, and which team can put together a few touchdown drives. From where we are sitting, Clemson will be hoisting the trophy late Monday evening.


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