All We Are Saying Is, Give Trump A Chance

Last Friday, we  inaugurated the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. With Trump officially sworn in, the most divisive campaign in the history of American politics comes to a close. There is no denying that Mr. Trump stirred up much of the division through his own rhetoric, no right thinking person could deny that. However, like it or not, he was duly elected based upon the current system. Thus, if you are an American citizen, Donald Trump is your president, and we should want him to be successful. As President Obama said, “If you succeed the country succeeds.”

While, we should support whomever the Commander-In Chief may be, there is certainly room for peaceful protest and dissent, but what good does it do to burn vehicles and property? When protests devolve into violence the cause of the protest, which may well be worthy, gets lost in the chaos. If you saw the coverage of any of the protests Friday, the reasons were not discussed, but violence and criminal behavior was certainly brought to light. Furthermore, suggesting that you have had thoughts of blowing up the White House is not the proper way to disagree with your leaders. By the way, if the average citizen said something similar in a public forum they would be arrested and charged with any number of crimes.

As we’ve said, honest, open discussion of views should be encouraged. This is what truly makes the United States great. However, should we not wait to see what the new administration will do. We will stand with President Trump when his policies benefit the country, and we will hold him accountable when the situation warrants. We fully understand that the country coming together, united, is a pipe dream, but let us remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans.



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