Super Bowl LI: A Clash Of Styles

We are less than two days away from the biggest entrainment event of the year, the 2017 Super Bowl. While there will be something for everyone from commercials to Lady Gaga’s halftime show, we will focus on the game itself. The big question is, which side of the ball will  rule the day. The Falcons are the top offense in the NFL, while the Patriots boast the league’s top defense. Obviously, the experience edge has to go to New England. After all, the Pats are heading into their 7th Super Bowl in the Belichick, Brady era. That said, the Falcons have some of the best offensive weapons in the game.

The Patriots will have to contend with MVP candidate, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones,  and the duo of Devonta Freemen and Tevon Coleman, along others. If Atlanta can get off to a hot start early and move the ball, this could be a close game. If Belichick and Co. can stop the dirty birds from flying down the field, he will have a hand full of rings.

Which side of the ball will win the battle, we will give the edge to the Patriots, We fully expect the Falcons to put up a solid effort and this should be a quality game, but until Belichick and Brady give us a reason to bet against them, we just can’t do it. So, we expect the Patriots to be raising the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time.


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