Trump Immigration: A Pause not a Ban

The Trump Administration has been very busy since he was sworn in, January 20th. Trump has rolled back Obama Care regulations, imposed sanctions on Iran, and began plans to build a wall at the southern border. All of these actions are part of his campaign promises to the voters, but perhaps, his most controversial action is the suspension of Immigration from seven predominately muslim countries. Many see these actions as a discriminatory action against a religion. It is not, and we have the facts to  prove it.

There is no question that the seven nations that are affected are muslim majority nations. However, to be intellectually honestly, it has to be acknowledged that it is not just muslims who are not allowed to enter the country, but anyone from these nations as well. For example, the millions of Christians living in Iraq will not be coming to our shores for the next three months. Additionally, this measure should not be taken as a ban on  Islam because there are many Islamic majority nations that are unaffected by the executive order. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Jordan, among others still enjoy the opportunity to come to the US at anytime. Thus, to say this action is a ban on those of a certain faith is simply not true.

Secondly, The order is only for a 90 day period, thus, as we said, this is a pause nor a ban. Some who disapprove of this measure imply that the administration has banned immigration from these countries in perpetuity. Once again, this is a myth.  The measure is a pause in order to revamp our vetting system so that we might be able to catch those who seek to do us harm.

We are in no way endorsing every administration policy, and we firmly believe that the executive order went too far, as those that have established residence in the US should not have been detained from returning to this country. While, we understand the reasons for the pause, we also must say that the order was much to broad and was not well implemented. Our hope going forward, is that the administration will do a much better job of explaining the need for any measure. President Trump and his advisors must also think though the consequences of their decisions so as to limit chaos and the hurting of the innocent.

We as a people are blessed to live in a nation where dissent is not just accepted, but encouraged. However, with the privilege to be engaged in political discussion, we must be honest about the facts involved. Will this change in immigration policy going to be effective? We aren’t sure. However, we will support and/or criticise with facts not basis or fear, we urge others to do the same!


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