Grammy Recap: The Good, The Bad And The Confusing

Sunday night, the 59th Grammy Awards were held in LA’s Staples Center. It was quite a night, and quite a celebration of music from all different genres. The show truly was all over the map here’s our breakdown of how it went down.

The Good:

As usual, Bruno Mars, brought the house down with  his usual unbelievable dance moves and the fact that he can actually sing. The guy is as close to Michael Jackson, as this generation can get.  Bruno is definitely worth the price of admission. There should also be no surprised that Adele, took home Song Of The Year and Album OF The Year. After all, half the tracks on “25,” went to the top of the charts, and “Hello,” is one of the biggest hits of the decade,  and let’s be honest it’s a song you can’t get out of your head no matter how much you try. Perhaps the best segment of the night was the performance of”God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You,” during the in memoriam segment of the show. John Legend, and Cynthia Ervio, sang the Beach Boys hit beautifully, and the song was very fitting for the segment.

The Bad:

While host James Carden, had some funny moments, the opening segment made no sense. At first, it looked like he was coming up from an elevator that malfunctioned, but then when he rolled down the stairs, we were lost.Then there were the speeches by the winners, it seems like while these are extremely talented people they could use a thesaurus. For example, How many times does Chance The Rapper, need to thank God. We are all for thanking God for the blessings he gives however, apparently Chance was very thankful, as he thanked God three times in a 2 minute span. While we absolutely love Adele, her speech in accepting Album Of The Year, was a bit strange, although we did find out she might be the leader of the Bayhive

The Confusing:

The confusing parts of the show were the performances. Both Kelsea Ballarini, and Luka, Graham, are super talented artists with great songs, but their mash-up performance was just odd. It would make sense if one of them sang the other’s song but to switch between songs was just weird. As much as Beyoncé should be respected as an artist her Grammy performance was peculiar to say the least, and the song didn’t seem to fit the stage production. She is pregnant with twins, so perhaps, we can chalk this one up to hormones.




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