With O’Riley Departure Fox No Longer Fair & Balanced

For over 20 years, Fox News used the tag line fair & balanced to describe the company’s approach to news. With the dismissal of Bill O’Riley earlier this week, there is no way that there is truth to the well known catchphrase. We are in no way condoning sexual harassment, and if the allegations against O’Riley are proven true, the Murdoch’s had no choice but to take such action. However, the new primetime lineup leans right more than the Tower Of Pisa!

Beginning tomorrow, Eric Boling  will host a show solo and 5P.M. taking over the time slot of the “Five,” which Boling co-hosted for several years. Boling is not a news analyst, he is purely a commentator for the right. The man literally never criticizes  a Republican idea, and no matter what the Trump Administration does, Bolling praises it without fail. Yet, Bolling, has nothing positive to say regarding  Democratic policies no matter their practicality  “The Five” will not take over thee 9PM, as Tucker Carlson will move to 8PM, filling O’Riley’s time slot. The roundtable discussion program features four conservative panelists and one liberal at the table. Typically, the liberal panelist is teased and mocked for their opinions, while very few conservatives are scrutinized.

The other primetime slots will continue to filled by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanity. Both of these men are the definition of conservative. While  there is nothing wrong with having a view point, these two produce love fest programs in which only their idealogical view is expressed. Both Carlson and Hanity routinely label anyone with a differing new point as stupid  or evil, they make no room for the possibility that their viewpoint may miss the mark. Again, there is nothing wrong with expressing a point of view, and having a platform to do so, nor is Fox News  a disreputable operation for having a conservative bend. However, the number one outlet in cable news is no longer fair and balanced.


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