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With O’Riley Departure Fox No Longer Fair & Balanced

For over 20 years, Fox News used the tag line fair & balanced to describe the company’s approach to news. With the dismissal of Bill O’Riley earlier this week, there is no way that there is truth to the well known catchphrase. We are in no way condoning sexual harassment, and if the allegations against O’Riley are proven true, the Murdoch’s had no choice but to take such action. However, the new primetime lineup leans right more than the Tower Of Pisa!

Beginning tomorrow, Eric Boling  will host a show solo and 5P.M. taking over the time slot of the “Five,” which Boling co-hosted for several years. Boling is not a news analyst, he is purely a commentator for the right. The man literally never criticizes  a Republican idea, and no matter what the Trump Administration does, Bolling praises it without fail. Yet, Bolling, has nothing positive to say regarding  Democratic policies no matter their practicality  “The Five” will not take over thee 9PM, as Tucker Carlson will move to 8PM, filling O’Riley’s time slot. The roundtable discussion program features four conservative panelists and one liberal at the table. Typically, the liberal panelist is teased and mocked for their opinions, while very few conservatives are scrutinized.

The other primetime slots will continue to filled by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanity. Both of these men are the definition of conservative. While  there is nothing wrong with having a view point, these two produce love fest programs in which only their idealogical view is expressed. Both Carlson and Hanity routinely label anyone with a differing new point as stupid  or evil, they make no room for the possibility that their viewpoint may miss the mark. Again, there is nothing wrong with expressing a point of view, and having a platform to do so, nor is Fox News  a disreputable operation for having a conservative bend. However, the number one outlet in cable news is no longer fair and balanced.


Gorsuch Should Be Confirmed Without Nuclear Option

Tomorrow, in the chamber of the Senate, another showdown looms, the confirmation of Judge, Neil Gorsuch. Today, Senate Republicans announced they would invoke the”nuclear option,” to confirm Gorsuch. This rule change will allow Gorsuch to take his seat on The Supreme Court, with just 51 votes instead of the usual 60. There is no question, Gorsuch will be confirmed, but the rules should not have to be amended in order for Gorsuch to ascend to the high court.

In researching Judge Gorsuch’s record, you find that he is an originalist when it comes to constitutional interpretation, meaning he will rule based on the meaning of the constitution not political views. Gorsuch made it clear, he will rule based on precedent and the language of laws. Gorsuch said during his confirmation hearings, “My job is to interpret law not make it”. Are these not the kinds of statements we want from a supreme court justice? The role of the judiciary is to determine constitutionality and use the text of laws in order to render judgement. It is not the purview of the courts to rewrite law based on their personal views or political ideology. Gorsuch has even commented, “I may make rulings I don’t like personally but my personal views aren’t law.” Gorsuch has indicated he will not make any attempt to overturn Roe V. Wade, he has also observed the legalization of gay marriage as “settle law.”

Why then have Democrats indicated they will not support Gorsuch? The answer is simple, pure politics! Senate Democrats are looking for payback after Republicans refused to give Obama nominee, Judge, Merick Garland a vote, following the death of Justice Scalia. The behavior of the GOP was equally as wrong, as the president had the right to nominate a replacement with a year and a half left in his term. By most accounts, Garland and Gorsuch are of the same mold, practicing fidelity to the law.

Senate Democrats should understand that their obstruction could hurt the party’s political future. You would think that the left would understand that a vast majority of the electorate are tired of political games and want Washington to be about the nation’s businesses. If Democrats cannot put their bitterness aside, they may well continue to lose for many elections to come.

Final Four Preview

Well, since we o for 4 in our Final Four picks, we aren’t sure if you should be listening to our breakdown of this weekend’s games. Nevertheless, we will give it a shot! Looking at the matchups we are going to find out quickly if experience matters. Three of the four coaches, Roy Williams being the only exception, are making their first appearance in the Final Four, Coach Williams will be making trip number five overall, and his 3rd with North Carolina. Without a doubt, we will learn rather being there before really makes a difference. The thing that matters most, however, are the matchups. Let”s take a deeper look!


Gonzaga V South Carolina

There is absolutely, no question, that South Carolina has an exceptional defensive squad. The Gamecocks won all throughout this season because  of an in your face defense and solid rebounding. It is certainly how they took down Duke in round two, and then came back against  Florida in the second half to punch their ticket to Phoenix. The Gamecock offense has come around, led by Cendarius Thornwell. Unfortunately, South Carolina will be coming up against a Gonzaga team that has multiple offensive weapons, size, and the same defensive mindedness as their opponents. With Neigl Williams-Goss, and Johnathan Williams, as well as a solid supporting cast, Gonzaga should get by the Gamecocks, albeit in a nail biter.

Our Pick Gonzaga


North Carolina V Oregon

While the Ducks run has been quite a story, particularly with their starting center out for the season, there is no substitute for experience. The Tar Heel offense has gotten plenty of good looks throughout their journey, granted, they haven’t made as many as they would like, we believe Carolina will score the ball and exploit the Ducks lack of size.  We expect the UNC to advance to  a second  straight title game. Add to that the desire to exact redemption after a heart breaking defeat in last year’s title game, and you have a recipe to advance to Monday night’s championship

Our Pick:

North Carolina

NCAA Tourney Final Four Picks

We’d like to tell you we had a good reason for not giving you a full tournament breakdown when it tipped off last Thursday, but the truth is, we’re just lazy. Come on, admit it, you   wouldn’t have wanted to read our predictions for all 32 first round games. Have no fear, though, we do have the time to give our Final Four picks.

West Virginia:

Bub Huggins ball club can speed any team up. They press for 40 minutes, hence the nickname, “Press Virginia”. The Mountaineers have enough fire power on the offensive end to stay with Gonzaga, and will turn the Zags over on the defensive end. While we’d love to see Gonzaga in the Final Four, we will have to see it to believe it,   At the moment, we believe the stage will, once again, be too big for the Bulldogs. While there is no doubt that West Virginia will face a determined Arizona Wildcats team, should they get by the Zags. Arizona has also never been to a Final Four under Sean Miller. It is because of their inability to get over the hump, that we will punch a ticket for West Virginia  to Phoenix


As usual, John Caliapari, has a young group of Wildcats. The “Kitty Cats” struggled to get by Northern Kentucky, as the Nose shot themselves into the game with several 3s late, but UK was able to drop free shows late to cap off the  1st round win. Then, against Wichita State, The Cats got big shots from their seniors, and two big defensive plays, to seal a 3 point win. While, there is no denying UK was destroyed by UCLA in December, we suspect that the cats will have revenge on their minds and will over come the Bruins Friday night. The Wildcats will then, likely, move on to a rematch against North Carolina. While, the Tar Heels will certain want to average the loss to Kentucky in Vegas, we see the cats making shots to down the final ACC team in the dance.


The Gators have gotten hot at the right time, completely destroying, albeit an offensively challenged, Virginia Caviler team in the round of 32. While Wisconsin will be a difficult game, the Badgers are not exactly an offensive juggernaut. We see Florida out scoring UW to advance. The Gators should easily dispatch with either “Cinderella, they make come up against, in the regional final, to advance to the championship party.


The Jayhawks just seem to always be in the mix the last several years. Just because of the way the baskets have fallen, The Jayhawks look primed for another run at the title. Although, Caleb Swanigan, is going to be a handful, KU has more talent than Purdue and at this time of year talent wins. Kansas should have no problem with either Michigan or Oregon, given the Ducks injury issues and Michigan’s lack of depth.

Full disclosure, We are just abut last in our bracket pools, so, you may not want to use our picks as betting info. Rather or not these picks are correct, we will be excited win the games tip on Thursday. We will have a Final Four preview for your view pleasure next week.


















Will republican treatment of Garland hurt Gorsuch?

With 18 months left in his term, then President Barack Obama nominated Marrick Gaarland to the Supreme Court, filling the vacancy after Justice Antoni Sacilla’s death. By all accounts, Judge Garland is not an ideologue, and has signed on to conservative opinions when he felt appropriate. Yes, one could certainly assume that Judge Garland is left of center politically, and yes, could have cited with left learning members of the court. Thus, Republicans in the Senate refused to have Garland sit for a hearing, and never gave Garland and up or down vote. Many on the right cited precedent, saying that no Supreme Court nomination has ever been voted on in the final year of a presidency.

While the precedent exists, the constitution does not give a time frame where a president can not nominate a justice to the court. Yet, Republicans refused to allow the Garland nomination to move forward. Now that the Republicans control the White House, will Democrats treat Neil Gorsuch in a similar fashion?  Judge Gorsuch is certainly a conservative jurist, in the mold of Justice Sicilla, and is certainly well qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. By all accounts, Gorsuch is a strict constitutionalist, and will not make law from the bench, which will be a welcome site to the conservative cause. However, one can certainly speculate rather or not the Democrats will put up a fight, simply out of spite, in an effort to get back at Republicans. Let us make it perfectly clear, not allowing a vote on Garland was wrong, and an affront to democracy, it is the Senate’s job to “advise and consent”, not block because they do not like the person in office. We hope that this nominee will receive a fair hearing, and will be seated on the court soon, unless something disqualifying is found. While, we hope that our politics can become less partisan, and more about the good of the nation, in today’s climate, we certainly can’t bet the house on it.

Grammy Recap: The Good, The Bad And The Confusing

Sunday night, the 59th Grammy Awards were held in LA’s Staples Center. It was quite a night, and quite a celebration of music from all different genres. The show truly was all over the map here’s our breakdown of how it went down.

The Good:

As usual, Bruno Mars, brought the house down with  his usual unbelievable dance moves and the fact that he can actually sing. The guy is as close to Michael Jackson, as this generation can get.  Bruno is definitely worth the price of admission. There should also be no surprised that Adele, took home Song Of The Year and Album OF The Year. After all, half the tracks on “25,” went to the top of the charts, and “Hello,” is one of the biggest hits of the decade,  and let’s be honest it’s a song you can’t get out of your head no matter how much you try. Perhaps the best segment of the night was the performance of”God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You,” during the in memoriam segment of the show. John Legend, and Cynthia Ervio, sang the Beach Boys hit beautifully, and the song was very fitting for the segment.

The Bad:

While host James Carden, had some funny moments, the opening segment made no sense. At first, it looked like he was coming up from an elevator that malfunctioned, but then when he rolled down the stairs, we were lost.Then there were the speeches by the winners, it seems like while these are extremely talented people they could use a thesaurus. For example, How many times does Chance The Rapper, need to thank God. We are all for thanking God for the blessings he gives however, apparently Chance was very thankful, as he thanked God three times in a 2 minute span. While we absolutely love Adele, her speech in accepting Album Of The Year, was a bit strange, although we did find out she might be the leader of the Bayhive

The Confusing:

The confusing parts of the show were the performances. Both Kelsea Ballarini, and Luka, Graham, are super talented artists with great songs, but their mash-up performance was just odd. It would make sense if one of them sang the other’s song but to switch between songs was just weird. As much as Beyoncé should be respected as an artist her Grammy performance was peculiar to say the least, and the song didn’t seem to fit the stage production. She is pregnant with twins, so perhaps, we can chalk this one up to hormones.



Trump Immigration: A Pause not a Ban

The Trump Administration has been very busy since he was sworn in, January 20th. Trump has rolled back Obama Care regulations, imposed sanctions on Iran, and began plans to build a wall at the southern border. All of these actions are part of his campaign promises to the voters, but perhaps, his most controversial action is the suspension of Immigration from seven predominately muslim countries. Many see these actions as a discriminatory action against a religion. It is not, and we have the facts to  prove it.

There is no question that the seven nations that are affected are muslim majority nations. However, to be intellectually honestly, it has to be acknowledged that it is not just muslims who are not allowed to enter the country, but anyone from these nations as well. For example, the millions of Christians living in Iraq will not be coming to our shores for the next three months. Additionally, this measure should not be taken as a ban on  Islam because there are many Islamic majority nations that are unaffected by the executive order. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Jordan, among others still enjoy the opportunity to come to the US at anytime. Thus, to say this action is a ban on those of a certain faith is simply not true.

Secondly, The order is only for a 90 day period, thus, as we said, this is a pause nor a ban. Some who disapprove of this measure imply that the administration has banned immigration from these countries in perpetuity. Once again, this is a myth.  The measure is a pause in order to revamp our vetting system so that we might be able to catch those who seek to do us harm.

We are in no way endorsing every administration policy, and we firmly believe that the executive order went too far, as those that have established residence in the US should not have been detained from returning to this country. While, we understand the reasons for the pause, we also must say that the order was much to broad and was not well implemented. Our hope going forward, is that the administration will do a much better job of explaining the need for any measure. President Trump and his advisors must also think though the consequences of their decisions so as to limit chaos and the hurting of the innocent.

We as a people are blessed to live in a nation where dissent is not just accepted, but encouraged. However, with the privilege to be engaged in political discussion, we must be honest about the facts involved. Will this change in immigration policy going to be effective? We aren’t sure. However, we will support and/or criticise with facts not basis or fear, we urge others to do the same!

Super Bowl LI: A Clash Of Styles

We are less than two days away from the biggest entrainment event of the year, the 2017 Super Bowl. While there will be something for everyone from commercials to Lady Gaga’s halftime show, we will focus on the game itself. The big question is, which side of the ball will  rule the day. The Falcons are the top offense in the NFL, while the Patriots boast the league’s top defense. Obviously, the experience edge has to go to New England. After all, the Pats are heading into their 7th Super Bowl in the Belichick, Brady era. That said, the Falcons have some of the best offensive weapons in the game.

The Patriots will have to contend with MVP candidate, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones,  and the duo of Devonta Freemen and Tevon Coleman, along others. If Atlanta can get off to a hot start early and move the ball, this could be a close game. If Belichick and Co. can stop the dirty birds from flying down the field, he will have a hand full of rings.

Which side of the ball will win the battle, we will give the edge to the Patriots, We fully expect the Falcons to put up a solid effort and this should be a quality game, but until Belichick and Brady give us a reason to bet against them, we just can’t do it. So, we expect the Patriots to be raising the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time.

All We Are Saying Is, Give Trump A Chance

Last Friday, we  inaugurated the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. With Trump officially sworn in, the most divisive campaign in the history of American politics comes to a close. There is no denying that Mr. Trump stirred up much of the division through his own rhetoric, no right thinking person could deny that. However, like it or not, he was duly elected based upon the current system. Thus, if you are an American citizen, Donald Trump is your president, and we should want him to be successful. As President Obama said, “If you succeed the country succeeds.”

While, we should support whomever the Commander-In Chief may be, there is certainly room for peaceful protest and dissent, but what good does it do to burn vehicles and property? When protests devolve into violence the cause of the protest, which may well be worthy, gets lost in the chaos. If you saw the coverage of any of the protests Friday, the reasons were not discussed, but violence and criminal behavior was certainly brought to light. Furthermore, suggesting that you have had thoughts of blowing up the White House is not the proper way to disagree with your leaders. By the way, if the average citizen said something similar in a public forum they would be arrested and charged with any number of crimes.

As we’ve said, honest, open discussion of views should be encouraged. This is what truly makes the United States great. However, should we not wait to see what the new administration will do. We will stand with President Trump when his policies benefit the country, and we will hold him accountable when the situation warrants. We fully understand that the country coming together, united, is a pipe dream, but let us remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans.


Championship Weekend: Who’s Going to The Big Game

It’s Championship weekend in the NFL, and we predicted 2 out of the 4 teams still standing. Last weekend saw some Hall of Fame worthy play, and an ending for the ages. Now, we turn the page to conference championship weekend to decide who will battle for the Lombardi Trophy. Both championship games should be quality contests, which means the league wins no matter what. Once again, we’ll give it our best shot to pick the winners.

NFC Championship: Packers @ Falcons

This one should be heavy on the offense. Atlanta does have home field advantage, and with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freemen, and Tevon Coleman, the Falcons have plenty of weapons. With a Green Bay defense that is in the middle of the pack at best, It would appear that Atlanta should be on their way to Super Bowl 51. However, Aron Rogers is Aron Rogers, and right now, you just can’t bet against him. Thus, we believe the Packers will be your NFC Champions.

AFC Championship: Steelers @ Patriots

This year’s AFC Championship Game should be a thriller. Two of the best teams in football are set to hook it up  Sunday night. Levon Bell, Ben Rothlesberger, and Antonio Brown, are an incredible trio. And there is no doubt the defense in Pittsburgh is stellar, but the Patriots have Tom Brady. While we absolutely think this game will come down to the final possession, until proven wrong, we won’t bet against Brady and Belichick. The Patriots will raise the Lamar Hunt Trophy, and look for their fifth title two weeks from Sunday.

So we predict a rematch 20 years in the making, as the Packers and Patriots squared off in the 1997 Super Bowl. “The Old Gunslinger,” Brett Farve, led Green Bay to the title with a game winning drive. Can the Patriots even things up? We’ll tell ya next week!