Trump Immigration: A Pause not a Ban

The Trump Administration has been very busy since he was sworn in, January 20th. Trump has rolled back Obama Care regulations, imposed sanctions on Iran, and began plans to build a wall at the southern border. All of these actions are part of his campaign promises to the voters, but perhaps, his most controversial action is the suspension of Immigration from seven predominately muslim countries. Many see these actions as a discriminatory action against a religion. It is not, and we have the facts to  prove it.

There is no question that the seven nations that are affected are muslim majority nations. However, to be intellectually honestly, it has to be acknowledged that it is not just muslims who are not allowed to enter the country, but anyone from these nations as well. For example, the millions of Christians living in Iraq will not be coming to our shores for the next three months. Additionally, this measure should not be taken as a ban on  Islam because there are many Islamic majority nations that are unaffected by the executive order. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Jordan, among others still enjoy the opportunity to come to the US at anytime. Thus, to say this action is a ban on those of a certain faith is simply not true.

Secondly, The order is only for a 90 day period, thus, as we said, this is a pause nor a ban. Some who disapprove of this measure imply that the administration has banned immigration from these countries in perpetuity. Once again, this is a myth.  The measure is a pause in order to revamp our vetting system so that we might be able to catch those who seek to do us harm.

We are in no way endorsing every administration policy, and we firmly believe that the executive order went too far, as those that have established residence in the US should not have been detained from returning to this country. While, we understand the reasons for the pause, we also must say that the order was much to broad and was not well implemented. Our hope going forward, is that the administration will do a much better job of explaining the need for any measure. President Trump and his advisors must also think though the consequences of their decisions so as to limit chaos and the hurting of the innocent.

We as a people are blessed to live in a nation where dissent is not just accepted, but encouraged. However, with the privilege to be engaged in political discussion, we must be honest about the facts involved. Will this change in immigration policy going to be effective? We aren’t sure. However, we will support and/or criticise with facts not basis or fear, we urge others to do the same!


Super Bowl LI: A Clash Of Styles

We are less than two days away from the biggest entrainment event of the year, the 2017 Super Bowl. While there will be something for everyone from commercials to Lady Gaga’s halftime show, we will focus on the game itself. The big question is, which side of the ball will  rule the day. The Falcons are the top offense in the NFL, while the Patriots boast the league’s top defense. Obviously, the experience edge has to go to New England. After all, the Pats are heading into their 7th Super Bowl in the Belichick, Brady era. That said, the Falcons have some of the best offensive weapons in the game.

The Patriots will have to contend with MVP candidate, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones,  and the duo of Devonta Freemen and Tevon Coleman, along others. If Atlanta can get off to a hot start early and move the ball, this could be a close game. If Belichick and Co. can stop the dirty birds from flying down the field, he will have a hand full of rings.

Which side of the ball will win the battle, we will give the edge to the Patriots, We fully expect the Falcons to put up a solid effort and this should be a quality game, but until Belichick and Brady give us a reason to bet against them, we just can’t do it. So, we expect the Patriots to be raising the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time.

Rousey would be great Addition to WWE Roster

Over the last few months, there has been a ton of speculation regarding the future of Ronda Rousey. After back to back losses, Rousey’s future in MMA is uncertain at best. While nothing has been announced officially, it is widely thought that Rousey will retire from UFC in the near future. Rousey burst on the seen s UFC’s first bantamweight champion, starting her career 12-0. UFC President, Dana White, has stated that he didn’t believe women’s MMA could draw money until Rousey came along. She has generated millions of dollars in pay per view buys and basically created a women’s division on her own. There is wide speculation about what the future of “Rowdy Ronda,” rather it be acting or a wide number of other options, Rousey will have no shortage of opportunities to cash-in. One of the most obvious choices for Ronda would be making the jump  to pro wrestling and the WWE.

Rousey would be a perfect fit for the WWE roster, as WWE has up the athleticism in it’s women’s division over the last two years. Recently, the women of WWE have been in the main event of Monday Night Raw,  competed in their first ever, “Hell In A Cell,” and have excelled in several “Iron Man” match, all of which have been very well received by fans. The addition of Rousey would add even more star power to a growing roster of talent, and possibly open WWE to a wider audience. WWE has proven over the years that they know how to build a character, and with Rousey being one of the most legitimate athletes, male or female, it seems like a match made in sports entertainment heaven. Rousey’s Wrestlemaina appearance two years ago already drew speculation that she might trade the octagon for the square circle.

Obviously, Rousey has to want to be a part of WWE and WWE has to make the choice to sign her. If the opportunity presents itself, WWE should jump on the chance to bring a bad ass like Rousey into the fold. It’s just two easy to see Ronda Rousey as a Brock Lesner type monster that  can draw anytime she steps through the ropes. $$$$ sings should be going off in Vince McMahon’s head. Interestingly, we haven’t heard a word from Rousey’s camp since her last loss to Amanda Nunes, Pure speculation of course, but we would be surprised to see Rowdy Ronda debut at Wrestlemania 33, on April 2nd.

All We Are Saying Is, Give Trump A Chance

Last Friday, we  inaugurated the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. With Trump officially sworn in, the most divisive campaign in the history of American politics comes to a close. There is no denying that Mr. Trump stirred up much of the division through his own rhetoric, no right thinking person could deny that. However, like it or not, he was duly elected based upon the current system. Thus, if you are an American citizen, Donald Trump is your president, and we should want him to be successful. As President Obama said, “If you succeed the country succeeds.”

While, we should support whomever the Commander-In Chief may be, there is certainly room for peaceful protest and dissent, but what good does it do to burn vehicles and property? When protests devolve into violence the cause of the protest, which may well be worthy, gets lost in the chaos. If you saw the coverage of any of the protests Friday, the reasons were not discussed, but violence and criminal behavior was certainly brought to light. Furthermore, suggesting that you have had thoughts of blowing up the White House is not the proper way to disagree with your leaders. By the way, if the average citizen said something similar in a public forum they would be arrested and charged with any number of crimes.

As we’ve said, honest, open discussion of views should be encouraged. This is what truly makes the United States great. However, should we not wait to see what the new administration will do. We will stand with President Trump when his policies benefit the country, and we will hold him accountable when the situation warrants. We fully understand that the country coming together, united, is a pipe dream, but let us remember, before we are Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans.


Championship Weekend: Who’s Going to The Big Game

It’s Championship weekend in the NFL, and we predicted 2 out of the 4 teams still standing. Last weekend saw some Hall of Fame worthy play, and an ending for the ages. Now, we turn the page to conference championship weekend to decide who will battle for the Lombardi Trophy. Both championship games should be quality contests, which means the league wins no matter what. Once again, we’ll give it our best shot to pick the winners.

NFC Championship: Packers @ Falcons

This one should be heavy on the offense. Atlanta does have home field advantage, and with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Devonta Freemen, and Tevon Coleman, the Falcons have plenty of weapons. With a Green Bay defense that is in the middle of the pack at best, It would appear that Atlanta should be on their way to Super Bowl 51. However, Aron Rogers is Aron Rogers, and right now, you just can’t bet against him. Thus, we believe the Packers will be your NFC Champions.

AFC Championship: Steelers @ Patriots

This year’s AFC Championship Game should be a thriller. Two of the best teams in football are set to hook it up  Sunday night. Levon Bell, Ben Rothlesberger, and Antonio Brown, are an incredible trio. And there is no doubt the defense in Pittsburgh is stellar, but the Patriots have Tom Brady. While we absolutely think this game will come down to the final possession, until proven wrong, we won’t bet against Brady and Belichick. The Patriots will raise the Lamar Hunt Trophy, and look for their fifth title two weeks from Sunday.

So we predict a rematch 20 years in the making, as the Packers and Patriots squared off in the 1997 Super Bowl. “The Old Gunslinger,” Brett Farve, led Green Bay to the title with a game winning drive. Can the Patriots even things up? We’ll tell ya next week!

Fox Makes Poor Choice With Carlson Move

Two weeks ago, Megyn Kelly, announced she was leaving Fox News and moving to NBC. The move, though not unexpected, was a severe  blow, to the #1 channel in cable news. Once the shockwaves from the announcement died down, the conversation turned to who would replace Kelley. Less than two days later, Tucker Carlson was tapped to fill the void. Previously, Carlson had replaced Greta Van Susteren, who departed Fox late last year. There is no question that Carlson is a well-known pundit, and has the profile to sustain an  audience. But, is he the right choice? We think not!

Since taking over the 8PM time slot, Kelly has been a ratings boom. While at times it appeared that Kelly had a conservative view, she challenged any guest and sought truth in every story. With Carlson, no such unbiased journalism will be practiced. While entitled to his opinion, no one can deny that Carlson advances a point of view, which may alienate those who are in the center, and do not want a one-sided news source. In fact, Fox will not have two ideologies  back to back as Carlson will serve as the lead in for Sean Hanity

It would be wrong of us to simply throw Tucker under the bus, and not offer up suggestions to the powers that be at Fox News. Thus, here is our list of qualified candidates. First on our list, Dana Perino. Yes, Dana was the press secretary for George W. Bush, thus, she likely has a conservative view. However, Perino has no problem challenging conservatives, when such a challenge is warranted.  She is also a rising star has co-host of the “Five.”

Another possible choice would have been Kimberley Gulifoyle. Guilfoyle has been a co-host on the “Five” for several years, and is well-known for her segment, “Is It Legal”, on The O’Reilly Factor. Guilfoyle has a big personality and certainly  has some, let’s be honest, sex appeal, much as Kelly had.

Martha McCallum might also have been a better choice for the time slot than Carlson. Granted, McCallum will be starting a new shot at the 7PM time slot, replacing Carlson’s old show. However, McCallum does not show any ideological bend while on air, and has gained a strong following during her time at Fox. McCallum filled in on the “Kelly File” several times, and proved she can hold her own in the anchor chair.

Bill Hemmer would also have been a terrific choice. Hemmer is a veteran anchor, who worked for CNN before joining Fox News. Hemmer has served as the co-anchor of “America’s News Room since 2007, and can certainly handle a tough, hard-hitting interview. Hemmer has also been a part of Fox’s election coverage, and served as a moderator for the under card debate throughout, the 2016 Republican Primary season. Hemmer, has an extremely likable personality, and like the others we’ve mentioned, doesn’t show open bias while on air.

Although we disagree with Fox’s decision, the truth is, ratings will determine rather the right call was made. We also, have to acknowledge that executives at Fox must have some clue what they’re doing. After all, Fox is consistently #1 in the ratings. While we don’t think Tucker Carlson is the right choice to fill the void left by Megyn Kelly’s departure, we could be wrong.

Divisional Round Breakdown

Last week we went 3-1 in our picks for the wild card round. While we had a good week last week, this week’s games aren’t going to be easy to predict. Like last week, we’ll give it our best shot.

Seahawks @ Falcons

The early game on Saturday will be a contrast of styles. The Falcons, led by Matt Ryan, Julio  Jones, and Co. will try to use the home field advantage to run up and down the dome. Seattle on the other hand will once again rely on their defense to shut down Atlanta, and hope Russell Wilson can help the offense secure an NFC Championship berth.The Falcons averaged over 33 points per game, and Matt Ryan has put up MVP numbers from the pocket. While there is no denying Atlanta has struggled in the playoffs at home, the law of averages has to give at some point, right? We believe the Falcons will put points up on the board Saturday and move a step closer to the big game.

Our Pick Atlanta Falcons

Texans @ Patriots

The Texans were dominate in all phases of the game last week, While Houston played extremely well against Oakland, part of their dominance was the absence of Raiders quarterback, Derek Carr. The Texans’ defense held Oakland to just 14 points, and the combination of Lamar Miller and Brock Osweiler did enough to win the game and advance. However, Houston will take the trip up to Foxboro and have to deal with Bellichick and Brady in the playoffs. In our minds no stats are needed here, The Patriots will host the AFC Championship in two weeks.

Our Pick: The Patriots

Steelers @ Chiefs

This one should be a great game Sunday afternoon. Alex Smith and the Chiefs just don’t turn the ball over, and Kansas City has found a star in Tyreek Hill, and will use him along with an efficient passing game to take down Pittsburgh. No doubt that Big Ben and Co. will be ready to play, but the Chiefs have a good enough defense to slow them down, add to that how load Arrowhead Stadium can be, and you have a recipe for a big win for KC.

Our Pick: Chiefs

Packers @ Cowboys

The rematch from last year’s Divisional Round should be another thriller. Big D has been the best team in football all season, led by two rookies no less. While all that should point to a Cowboys win, no one is hotter then Arron Rogers. Rogers just took apart a Giants defense that beat Dallas twice. Rogers threw 4 touchdowns and for  352 yards last week against New York, which is decidedly better than Dallas. With all that said, Dak Prescott has been absolutely brilliant all year long, add the league’s leading rusher, and we see the NFC Championship running through Jerry’s World!

Our Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Bama, Clemson Part II

Tomorrow, for the first time in decades, we have a rematch for the College Football National Title. Normally, there is no way on the planet that we would bet against Nick Saban, but this year is different. The Tide defense has played tremendously all season long, taking apart every offense they have faced, including Washington last week. Alabama just swarms you and can put you behind the chains, and then lets the offense run the ball down your throat, until you submit. However, Clemson hung a goose egg on Ohio State, and quarterback JT Barrett, who is the all-time leader in touchdowns for the Buckeyes.  If the Tigers can force Jaylen Hurts to throw the football, Clemson will be well on their way to their first national title in two decades.

In today’s brand of football, it’s usually all about offense. Tomorrow night, the defensive side of the ball will be in the spotlight.  Know doubt this one will be hard to predict, but it is safe to say, it won’t be a 51-50 shootout. The 2016 national championship will come down to which team can make the critical stop, and which team can put together a few touchdown drives. From where we are sitting, Clemson will be hoisting the trophy late Monday evening.

Breaking Down Wild Card Weekend

It’s all most kickoff time for the NFL playoffs. Perhaps, this year unlike most, it’s going to be hard to pick the winners, but we’ll give it our best shot!

Raiders @ Texans


Both teams come in a bit uneasy, as neither is confident in their starting quarterback. The Texans will start Brock Osweiler, who was benched two weeks ago, in favor of backup Tom Savage. Savage is unavailable due to a concussion he suffered in the season finale. While Osweiler has not proven himself to be a franchise QB, he has shown enough to get past the Raiders, who are dealing with their own quarterback issues. The Radiers have offensive weapons, Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper, however, without MVP candidate, Derek Carr, the Texans have the advantage. It won’t hurt that Huston has the home field advantage either.

Our Pick: Houston Texans

Lions @ Seahawks

There is no question that Lions quarterback, Mathew Stafford, has had an MVP caliber season. He, and the Detroit receivers, have led the Loins to the postseason, as their running game has been virtually non-existent. While the Seahawks D hasn’t been the “legion of boom”, this season, we believe the Seahawks will shut down Staford and Co. giving the 12th man a playoff win.

Our Pick: Seahawks


Dolphins @ Steelers

Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi has had a breakout season for Miami. He has been a fantasy owner’s dream, the second half of the season. However, without a solid receiving core and no shut down defense the Fins will be one and done, as they are no match for the three-headed monster of Brown, Roethelisberger  and Bell. The Steelers should cruise to the Divisional  Round.

Giants @ Packers.

This one may be the hardest pick of the weekend. We’ve been back and forth on this one all week, but it’s time to make a call. Arron Rogers has been absolutely on fire the second half of the season, throwing 18 touchdowns and 0 interceptions the last seven games. While it’s hard to bet against those numbers, Eli Manning never fails to pull off a playoff surprise, winning two Superbowls as the underdog. Couple that pedigree with the fact that the Packers have no run game to speak of and you have the makings of an upset

Our Pick: Giants



A Tribute To My Father

For many of you, the new year brings about an opportunity for a fresh start and great optimism. While I am always excited about new opportunities a new year can bring, each new year, however, also brings me a great deal of sadness. 17 years ago tomorrow, I lost my father, Jeff Stein. My dad was my best friend, mentor, and confidant. His loss has affected my family greatly, and it is still felt today. Since losing him, I have always stove to make him proud of not only my professional accomplishments, but also my character as a person.

I could write a book about all my father taught me in the 13 plus years I was blessed to have him, but perhaps, his greatest lesson was treating people with the same respect that you’d hope they would treat you. My dad simply loved people. He was funny, generous, and kind to anyone he met, and I can honestly say, I never heard a bad word said about my father. Another lesson my father taught me is; with hard work anything can be achieved. Despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth, neither of my parents ever let me become complacent, and constantly pushed me to achieve and work for the life I want. It is because of their encouragement, that I have the achieved many goals, and continue to look for opportunities to make an impact on those around me.

My father made a profound impact on my life, and the lives of anyone he came in contact with. It is my hope that when my days are accomplished that those who remember me will say that I made a positive  impact on their lives, just as my father had. I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Be good to each other!

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