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With O’Riley Departure Fox No Longer Fair & Balanced

For over 20 years, Fox News used the tag line fair & balanced to describe the company’s approach to news. With the dismissal of Bill O’Riley earlier this week, there is no way that there is truth to the well known catchphrase. We are in no way condoning sexual harassment, and if the allegations against O’Riley are proven true, the Murdoch’s had no choice but to take such action. However, the new primetime lineup leans right more than the Tower Of Pisa!

Beginning tomorrow, Eric Boling  will host a show solo and 5P.M. taking over the time slot of the “Five,” which Boling co-hosted for several years. Boling is not a news analyst, he is purely a commentator for the right. The man literally never criticizes  a Republican idea, and no matter what the Trump Administration does, Bolling praises it without fail. Yet, Bolling, has nothing positive to say regarding  Democratic policies no matter their practicality  “The Five” will not take over thee 9PM, as Tucker Carlson will move to 8PM, filling O’Riley’s time slot. The roundtable discussion program features four conservative panelists and one liberal at the table. Typically, the liberal panelist is teased and mocked for their opinions, while very few conservatives are scrutinized.

The other primetime slots will continue to filled by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanity. Both of these men are the definition of conservative. While  there is nothing wrong with having a view point, these two produce love fest programs in which only their idealogical view is expressed. Both Carlson and Hanity routinely label anyone with a differing new point as stupid  or evil, they make no room for the possibility that their viewpoint may miss the mark. Again, there is nothing wrong with expressing a point of view, and having a platform to do so, nor is Fox News  a disreputable operation for having a conservative bend. However, the number one outlet in cable news is no longer fair and balanced.


Fox Makes Poor Choice With Carlson Move

Two weeks ago, Megyn Kelly, announced she was leaving Fox News and moving to NBC. The move, though not unexpected, was a severe  blow, to the #1 channel in cable news. Once the shockwaves from the announcement died down, the conversation turned to who would replace Kelley. Less than two days later, Tucker Carlson was tapped to fill the void. Previously, Carlson had replaced Greta Van Susteren, who departed Fox late last year. There is no question that Carlson is a well-known pundit, and has the profile to sustain an  audience. But, is he the right choice? We think not!

Since taking over the 8PM time slot, Kelly has been a ratings boom. While at times it appeared that Kelly had a conservative view, she challenged any guest and sought truth in every story. With Carlson, no such unbiased journalism will be practiced. While entitled to his opinion, no one can deny that Carlson advances a point of view, which may alienate those who are in the center, and do not want a one-sided news source. In fact, Fox will not have two ideologies  back to back as Carlson will serve as the lead in for Sean Hanity

It would be wrong of us to simply throw Tucker under the bus, and not offer up suggestions to the powers that be at Fox News. Thus, here is our list of qualified candidates. First on our list, Dana Perino. Yes, Dana was the press secretary for George W. Bush, thus, she likely has a conservative view. However, Perino has no problem challenging conservatives, when such a challenge is warranted.  She is also a rising star has co-host of the “Five.”

Another possible choice would have been Kimberley Gulifoyle. Guilfoyle has been a co-host on the “Five” for several years, and is well-known for her segment, “Is It Legal”, on The O’Reilly Factor. Guilfoyle has a big personality and certainly  has some, let’s be honest, sex appeal, much as Kelly had.

Martha McCallum might also have been a better choice for the time slot than Carlson. Granted, McCallum will be starting a new shot at the 7PM time slot, replacing Carlson’s old show. However, McCallum does not show any ideological bend while on air, and has gained a strong following during her time at Fox. McCallum filled in on the “Kelly File” several times, and proved she can hold her own in the anchor chair.

Bill Hemmer would also have been a terrific choice. Hemmer is a veteran anchor, who worked for CNN before joining Fox News. Hemmer has served as the co-anchor of “America’s News Room since 2007, and can certainly handle a tough, hard-hitting interview. Hemmer has also been a part of Fox’s election coverage, and served as a moderator for the under card debate throughout, the 2016 Republican Primary season. Hemmer, has an extremely likable personality, and like the others we’ve mentioned, doesn’t show open bias while on air.

Although we disagree with Fox’s decision, the truth is, ratings will determine rather the right call was made. We also, have to acknowledge that executives at Fox must have some clue what they’re doing. After all, Fox is consistently #1 in the ratings. While we don’t think Tucker Carlson is the right choice to fill the void left by Megyn Kelly’s departure, we could be wrong.