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MLB Will be Big Winner As World Series Begins

Just a few moments from now the first pitch of the 2016 World Series  will be thrown. The Indians and Cubs  are about as evenly matched as two teams vying for a championship can be. The Indians won the AL Central by 8 games, while the Cubs dominated the NL Central, winning by 10 games. The lovable losers in Chicago racked up the best record in the majors with 108 wins, against just 58 losses. Both managers, Joe Madden (Cubs) and Terry Francona (Indians) keep things  loose, and you can see their passion for their players and the game of baseball.Both teams have dynamic, shut-down bullpens, led by two of the best closers in the game, Andrew Miller(Indians) and Aroldis Chapman (Cubs). Perhaps, the greatest similarity with both clubs is the fact that they have two of the most loyal, long-suffering fan bases in all of sports. The Cubbies have not been to the mountain top in 108 years, and have had many well documented close calls in their century plus of obscurity. Not to be outdone, the Tribe has not hoisted the World Series Trophy since 1948.

With so many similarities between the two, it is very difficult to pick a winner, although, I’ll do that shortly. The clear winner in this World Series is Major League Baseball!  Once  known as, “America’s past time”, baseball has lost a bit of its luster when it comes to TV viewership. Just two weeks ago, a regular season NFL game saw 3 million more views than did a deciding game 5 between the Nationals and Dodgers. This World Series should have no problem drawing eyeballs simply because of the profiles of both teams. Viewers are drawn to drama, and it doesn’t get more dramatic than two teams that haven’t won a championship in 176 years. I believe Chicago will celebrate when the final out is made, but the bigger winner will be baseball itself