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With O’Riley Departure Fox No Longer Fair & Balanced

For over 20 years, Fox News used the tag line fair & balanced to describe the company’s approach to news. With the dismissal of Bill O’Riley earlier this week, there is no way that there is truth to the well known catchphrase. We are in no way condoning sexual harassment, and if the allegations against O’Riley are proven true, the Murdoch’s had no choice but to take such action. However, the new primetime lineup leans right more than the Tower Of Pisa!

Beginning tomorrow, Eric Boling  will host a show solo and 5P.M. taking over the time slot of the “Five,” which Boling co-hosted for several years. Boling is not a news analyst, he is purely a commentator for the right. The man literally never criticizes  a Republican idea, and no matter what the Trump Administration does, Bolling praises it without fail. Yet, Bolling, has nothing positive to say regarding  Democratic policies no matter their practicality  “The Five” will not take over thee 9PM, as Tucker Carlson will move to 8PM, filling O’Riley’s time slot. The roundtable discussion program features four conservative panelists and one liberal at the table. Typically, the liberal panelist is teased and mocked for their opinions, while very few conservatives are scrutinized.

The other primetime slots will continue to filled by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hanity. Both of these men are the definition of conservative. While  there is nothing wrong with having a view point, these two produce love fest programs in which only their idealogical view is expressed. Both Carlson and Hanity routinely label anyone with a differing new point as stupid  or evil, they make no room for the possibility that their viewpoint may miss the mark. Again, there is nothing wrong with expressing a point of view, and having a platform to do so, nor is Fox News  a disreputable operation for having a conservative bend. However, the number one outlet in cable news is no longer fair and balanced.


Gorsuch Should Be Confirmed Without Nuclear Option

Tomorrow, in the chamber of the Senate, another showdown looms, the confirmation of Judge, Neil Gorsuch. Today, Senate Republicans announced they would invoke the”nuclear option,” to confirm Gorsuch. This rule change will allow Gorsuch to take his seat on The Supreme Court, with just 51 votes instead of the usual 60. There is no question, Gorsuch will be confirmed, but the rules should not have to be amended in order for Gorsuch to ascend to the high court.

In researching Judge Gorsuch’s record, you find that he is an originalist when it comes to constitutional interpretation, meaning he will rule based on the meaning of the constitution not political views. Gorsuch made it clear, he will rule based on precedent and the language of laws. Gorsuch said during his confirmation hearings, “My job is to interpret law not make it”. Are these not the kinds of statements we want from a supreme court justice? The role of the judiciary is to determine constitutionality and use the text of laws in order to render judgement. It is not the purview of the courts to rewrite law based on their personal views or political ideology. Gorsuch has even commented, “I may make rulings I don’t like personally but my personal views aren’t law.” Gorsuch has indicated he will not make any attempt to overturn Roe V. Wade, he has also observed the legalization of gay marriage as “settle law.”

Why then have Democrats indicated they will not support Gorsuch? The answer is simple, pure politics! Senate Democrats are looking for payback after Republicans refused to give Obama nominee, Judge, Merick Garland a vote, following the death of Justice Scalia. The behavior of the GOP was equally as wrong, as the president had the right to nominate a replacement with a year and a half left in his term. By most accounts, Garland and Gorsuch are of the same mold, practicing fidelity to the law.

Senate Democrats should understand that their obstruction could hurt the party’s political future. You would think that the left would understand that a vast majority of the electorate are tired of political games and want Washington to be about the nation’s businesses. If Democrats cannot put their bitterness aside, they may well continue to lose for many elections to come.

Trump Immigration: A Pause not a Ban

The Trump Administration has been very busy since he was sworn in, January 20th. Trump has rolled back Obama Care regulations, imposed sanctions on Iran, and began plans to build a wall at the southern border. All of these actions are part of his campaign promises to the voters, but perhaps, his most controversial action is the suspension of Immigration from seven predominately muslim countries. Many see these actions as a discriminatory action against a religion. It is not, and we have the facts to  prove it.

There is no question that the seven nations that are affected are muslim majority nations. However, to be intellectually honestly, it has to be acknowledged that it is not just muslims who are not allowed to enter the country, but anyone from these nations as well. For example, the millions of Christians living in Iraq will not be coming to our shores for the next three months. Additionally, this measure should not be taken as a ban on  Islam because there are many Islamic majority nations that are unaffected by the executive order. Nations such as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Jordan, among others still enjoy the opportunity to come to the US at anytime. Thus, to say this action is a ban on those of a certain faith is simply not true.

Secondly, The order is only for a 90 day period, thus, as we said, this is a pause nor a ban. Some who disapprove of this measure imply that the administration has banned immigration from these countries in perpetuity. Once again, this is a myth.  The measure is a pause in order to revamp our vetting system so that we might be able to catch those who seek to do us harm.

We are in no way endorsing every administration policy, and we firmly believe that the executive order went too far, as those that have established residence in the US should not have been detained from returning to this country. While, we understand the reasons for the pause, we also must say that the order was much to broad and was not well implemented. Our hope going forward, is that the administration will do a much better job of explaining the need for any measure. President Trump and his advisors must also think though the consequences of their decisions so as to limit chaos and the hurting of the innocent.

We as a people are blessed to live in a nation where dissent is not just accepted, but encouraged. However, with the privilege to be engaged in political discussion, we must be honest about the facts involved. Will this change in immigration policy going to be effective? We aren’t sure. However, we will support and/or criticise with facts not basis or fear, we urge others to do the same!

For GOP, it’s Time To Move On

After a week that could be best described as one of the worst of the campaign, it is time Republicans for to move on. In one week, thanks in large part to the disgusting Trump tapes, the race for president is effectively over.  It is now time for party unity in order to keep the House and Senate from falling in Democratic hands.

At this point, Republicans must learn valuable lessons from this election cycle. First, It would be wise for those who will run in 2020 to put ego aside and come together quickly in support of one or two candidates. If you look at any of the primary election results, Trump never received more than 48% of the vote, until he was the only person left standing. Unfortunately for the GOP, many of Trump’s opponents were more interested in their own ambitions rather than putting forth a nominee capable of leading the nation.

The party of Lincoln must also provide an optimistic vision of what America’s future can be under its leadership. Mr. Trump has chosen to focus on Americas problems, yet has provided little in terms of solutions, except to say he will fix it on his own. The party must also understand that they cannot simply be the party of no, but must find ways to compromise where agreement can be found. Many in the leadership cite Ronald Regan as an idle,they would be wise to heed his words, “I’d rather get 85% of what I want then nothing at all.”

Presidential Debate Part II; What Trump and Clinton Need to Do!

I’m willing to bet most of you are just about sick of presidential politics, and to be honest, I can’t say I blame you. For a political junkie like me there is no shortage of material to pontificate about. With round II of  Clinton V Trump coming Sunday, I thought I’d give my two cents on what  both candidates need to do in  order to come out on top!


Let’s be honest, even if you’re a die hard Trump supporter, there’s no question, the first debate wasn’t exactly The Donald’s finest hour. Trump was defensive and felt the need to defend himself no matter what the former first lady through at him. Rather than focusing on his plans for fighting ISIS, jump starting the economy, and solving the issues left from Obamacare, Trump looked small and petty trying to save his own reputation rather than be a champion for the nation. If Trump wants a big win he must focus on how he will take the fight to ISIS and other groups, while attempting to show that if Clinton is elected the polices of non intervention will continue for another four years. Trump must be a bit more of a happy warrior and provide an optimistic vision for the future, rather than simply suggesting the country is going to hell in a hand basket.  I’ve talked to many informed folks who wonder when was America not great! I’m not saying Trump shouldn’t discuss the failures of the Obama Administration, however, the country needs a cheerleader right now! Finally, Trump must hit Clinton on her honesty, both in regards to the email scandal and her role in the decisions regarding Benghazi . In My view, the only way Trump can win the debate,  but the presidency as well,is to hammer home the point that Clinton is not ethically qualified to be Commander in-Chief.


For Ms. Clinton it’s very simple, try to get under Trump’s as she did in debate number one, and let him hang himself. She might also want to answer a question or two just to change things up a bit. If HRC can rattle Trump into the child-like tantrums that happened two week ago, she might as well start figuring out what desk she will use in The Oval.

Keep in mind, with these two at the podiums,  anything could happen. Trump might trot out his wife on stage in her underwear and whip the crowd into a frenzy. Clinton could stumble on stage and collapse in a heap, or, and here is a wacky idea, they just might choose to behave like two adults for once. While Sunday night surely will be unpredictable, one thing is certain, it will be entertaining.